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Music Lessons

Adn Jay Creates:


who is Adn?

I am a creator, mentor, and teacher for all ages...

I create music and learning experiences

Lessons I Offer...

  • Production (beat making)

  • Mixing/mastering

  • Vocal

  • Songwriting/lyrics

  • Music business/marketing

My Teaching Experience

I have taught tailored lessons 1 on 1 up to 17 students for instruction companies such as Taylor Robinson Music and Grasshopper... 

Why me??

Passing down my knowledge to anyone curious enough to seek it is starting to feel like my purpose. The best part is I get to help people find passion in what I have a burning passion for. Listen to one of my...



Kick BallAdn Jay
a beautiful scenery of nature and stars. A blue moon is in the sky. everything else has a
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